Cleaning Your Custom Jewelry You ought to know that owning a piece of custom jewelry is a major investment, which is the reason why taking proper care for it is vitally important. You have to prepare your money to pay for the cost of such if you are like other people who like investing in customized jewelry to own a piece of something that is hard to find or something that is unique. On the other hand, if you already own one, you might be wondering on the things that you should do which will help you to maintain both the condition and the quality of these stones? In the next lines, you will discover ways on how to get it done right. Caring for Gold Jewelry – if you are wearing gold jewelries, then do your very best to avoid contact with soap. What this indicates is that you should remove your custom-made gold hoops, pendants and the likes just before you take a bath. Needless to say, it would not be practical if you are going to remove your bracelets and rings when washing your hands. So, always remember that you should clean these items a lot more often than other gold pieces you own. The soap is adding a dull film to your gold jewelleries and when it is time to clean your precious stone, mix few drops of ammonia to the water. Next is dipping a used toothbrush to the solution and scrubbing the custom jewelry gently. Then, simply rinse it with cold water and wipe it softly using dry soft cloth.
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Caring for Silver Custom Jewelry – you might not care about putting it off prior to cleaning it an going to the pool in the event that you are wearing a silver jewelry. But if it was custom made, you will probably feel quite differently about it. Always remember that harsh chemicals can possibly make your precious jewelry to look dull so it will be highly important to take care of it.
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Caring for Platinum Jewelries – platinum is actually one of the most precious and expensive metals around in the market. Despite the fact that platinum is expensive, this is still the most preferred option with regards to custom jewelry mainly because of its durability. You could actually wear your platinum jewelry in nearly any kind of condition and still, only requiring 2 professional cleaning every year to maintain its condition. If the design is not really intricate, a hot soapy water and used toothbrush will be enough. Caring for Diamonds – diamonds are tough and rough as well like platinum. Still, remember that they’re not invincible. In case you’ve hit this stone with harsh blow, it may leave some chips in it. So keep it in a place where it’s safe and clean it regularly to be safe.