The digital single lens reflex camera – or the DSLR camera, to give its more familiar name – is a digital camera for still images that is characterised by a single lens reflex (SLR) mechanism. Single lens reflex cameras have long been common in the world of professional photography, but may be less well-known to those who are only just developing an interest in photography. DSLR cameras are mainly distinguished from standard digital cameras by two key features: their removable lenses and the ability that they give users to see the image through the actual picture lens.

However, while DSLR cameras feature various controls that help to make a final picture look as good as possible, they are obviously fairly redundant if the would-be photographer has little idea how to use them. A beginner photographer may also be interested in increasing their understanding of composition, which can help them to create a far greater number of truly great photographs. But although it is possible for such individuals to read a book or even browse the Internet for some tips on using a DSLR camera, people tend to learn best when their education feels a little less passive, and a little more fun.

It is for such reasons that one may be tempted to enrol on a London photography tour. The English capital is within easy reach of a wide range of people, and offers plenty of stimulating sights that make for great photographs – even when taken by newcomers to DSLR cameras and London photography courses. There are various London photography courses to choose from, too, with the best of them being led by capable, informative and helpful tutors. Another thing that helps to distinguish the best London photography tour from the rest is if it encompasses some of the most visually interesting places in the capital, such as the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, St Paul’s Cathedral and the South Bank, to cite just a few examples.