It can take years and a pile of student loan debt to learn the art of special effect photography. Once you know the techniques used, you can take amazing photographs. In today’s internet and social media based world, there is more call than ever for trick shots like invisible person shots, multiple exposure panorama shots, star trails, and more.

It doesn’t take expensive digital cameras or overpriced computer programs, it takes knowledge. The professionals know these tricks. They make a living taking special effect photographs while you are still stuck in your dead end job. This simple guide will have you learning what you need to know to use photography to change your life.

You can avoid the college route and try to teach yourself, but it will still take you years of trial and error. There is no need to spend years as an “amateur photographer” when you could jump right into the world of professional photography. These tricks will allow you to take photos that leave people wondering “How did he do that?”

Besides special effects, this guide will also teach you tricks to improve standard photography. There are lots of ways to make money if you know your way around a camera. Photography is an in demand field. There is lots of money that can be made as your own boss. Wedding photographer, baby photos, senior pictures, prom pictures. The list goes on and on.

Not only will you learn these are simple, easy to learn techniques, but you will also get access to advance techniques. Mixing your simple tricks with simple computer programs and yield an even broader array of effects. Learn how to make breathtaking shots with streaks of light or multiple copies of the subject person.

Photography can be a lifestyle. You don’t have to get up in the morning and sell your time working nine to five. You can travel and get paid for it. Turn your dream vacation into a photography assignment and you’ll start living a life most only dream about.

Modern technology has leveled the playing field. You no longer need to spend a fortune on expensive camera equipment and film development. This simple guide is all you need to set off on your new adventure. A whole world is waiting for you.