Due to the availability of the internet on mobile phones, art has become more inclusive. Everyone is exposed to art apps and this has increased art’s accessibility. Either you want a masterpiece, some art collections or you are just looking to have fun, there are art apps available.

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Google arts & culture

This app explores cultural institutions from all over the world. You can inspect masterpieces like Van Gogh’s works to learning more about inspirational figures and image archives with this app. It opens you up to new knowledge about global art, history, and people. With it, you can also change your photos into classic artworks, find portraits and artworks that look like you, explore immersive virtual reality tours, etc.

art collections

Sotheby’s app

If you are passionate about art collection, this is for you. the app grants you access to global artworks and articles. You will always find something that interests you, from photography to contemporary art to fine wine and jewelry, etc. You can also use it to know the latest about upcoming auctions., live stream these auctions, zoom in on artworks for closer inspection, have access to their video library, etc.


This is a user-friendly app that offers daily art inspiration. It is created for artists by artists. You will find interesting facts, stories, biographies, etc. You will also uncover your inner artist by absorbing the beauty of the app. It has over 40 000 artworks and 150 art movements, the feed is personalized according to your interests, you get inspired daily and you can download quality wallpapers.

Architectural digest

This app celebrates architecture and interior designs. With it, you will know more about innovative homes, décor ideas, travel, and culture. It is popular in the design world and is associated with luxury living. It provides you exclusive access to current trends and guides you on how to best decorate your home. You can also find travel destinations with it.


This app believes there are three steps to mastering art; observing, recognizing, and reflecting. This app provides the top masterpieces in full HD. It also helps you curate your favorite works. M0ore works are continuously added over time. if you are looking for high-quality visuals, exhibitions, fun filters, and downloading artworks, etc, Artlist is for you.

Daily art

Daily art not only helps you recognize famous artworks but also understand their context. You will be able to learn interesting facts about the masterpieces you adore. There is also a community of over 1,000, million art lovers that you can be a part of and enjoy art with. With a collection of over 2500 masterpieces, 700 artist biographies, and 500 museum collections, Daily Art helps to awaken your inner artist.

Paris Invaders Map

This app has over 1,000 space invaders and encourages active cultural exploration. It is present in most cities across the globe. It has a geolocation feature that you can use to easily search for any city in the world.