Parents love their children unconditionally as soon as they lay their eyes on them. They are their most prized possession and in fact a beautiful miracle from God sent from the heavens above. Babies are tiny and adorable like dolls. They would never be that tiny again. They would never fit in just one of your hands. Missing out on just arrived baby photography moments is shame. You will regret not taking baby pictures so do not let the moment pass. You do not want your children growing up and inquiring about their baby pictures and be empty handed.

As soon as a baby is born you instantly begin to snap pictures. Just arrived baby photography is an emotional moment for most parents. One shot after another, with your phone or digital camera. With the recent popularity of SLRs and DSLRs among people chances are you might even have one of those for snapping high quality photographs. Before your baby is born, consider investing in a few props like costumes, bows, sheets, silk cloths etcetera. Newborn photography should be done in the initial 10-15 days of the birth of the baby. This is because at this time, the baby is rather ‘mold-able’ and has the baby wrinkles and fresh delicate skin.

There are even professionals who do new-born photography for living. Some of them are well practiced with babies and they know what they are doing. They will already have props ready for you and would know which angles to take pictures from. Newborn photography has a few other requirements. The chief one being patience. The baby can be hungry or cry or can even pee on a prop. A professional is prepared for all these drawbacks. Furthermore, babies that have freshly entered the ‘cold’, ‘harsh’ world are used to being in the warmth, covered in layers of sheets and clothes. They are not used to being in a room naked.

This is why it is necessary for the room to be excessively heated even if it makes you sweat while do newborn photography. Remember, if the baby is comfortable you will get better pictures. If the baby is irritated, the pictures will not have the same effect. Every baby is beautiful but when the baby is newly born they have white or red blotches on their skin. This can be covered up by making a picture black and white or using photo-shop.

Just arrived baby photography should not be missed for the world as they are one of the most beautiful moments in a parent’s life. The pictures should however continue forever. Infant photography is also very cute as the babies naturally become adorable with the things they do and the faces they make.

The world is getting digitalized every day. This does not mean you should keep the pictures stored in your computer or your memory card. You should get a hard copy of all your newborn photography and put it in an album or a scrapbook even if you do keep other soft copies.