carinsuranceratesAs kids become teenage and ready to get its first driving lesson and taking driving lisence, most parents start to think that they should buy their son or daughter their own vehicle. You maybe one of this type of parents. Actually it is okay if your sons or daughters to drive their own vehicle because they will get freedom and they can learn many things from it. However the problem comes when you registered them as the third or maybe fourth driver and an additional car in your car insurance company. You will see how much premium that you should pay now. You will be amazed by how much it’s increase.
Actually insurance companies have their own reason on charging a good amount of premium on a teenage kid who drive their own vehicle. One of the main reason is of course the driving safety. Your teenage kid just pass the driving lisence test but they don’t have enough experience in driving on the road. This will make the insurance company rate them as potentially can get damage from road accident. To solve this, maybe you should not buy them their own vehicle and let them drive yours or your wife car instead and see the premium is not as high as if you buy them their own car.