It is a common misconception of people who are not well versed in camerawork to think of nudity once they heard the term boudoir photography. Well, there is some truth behind it because it is known as the romantic style of taking photos that suggest nudity but, it does not mean that the subject needs to be nude for real.Instead, this work focuses on how to exude the romance and sensuality of the model. A boudoir client may wear lingerie but she could also be fully dressed. If the latter is the case, the photographer will fix it so that it will appear scant to the human eye thus, creating a feel that shouts the sexiness of the subject.

A Quick Look at the History

Boudoir is a French word that means “to pout”. Today, hearing this term refers to a popular form of personal glamour photography. However, during the 1700’s, the word boudoir is used to refer to the bathing and dressing room of a woman that comes with all the luxury that they can have. You will find there aesthetically excellent furniture, different scents of fragrance and flowers arranged in a way that will please the eye. It is a place for women’s luxury. Now, there may be some changes in the concept but that aspect of boudoir that aims to pamper women still remains but in the form of photographs.

How to Strike a Pose

Women who are not models or stars have the chance to have a glamour shot of their life as there are different studios who offer this service. The wardrobe plays an important role in taking pictures but pose is as significant as well. It is the responsibility of professional photographers to guide their subject in striking a pose. It may happen that the client is not a professional model and may not be comfortable in front of the camera. The success of the photoshoot rests on the cooperation between the subject and the photographer and on how the latter can make the former at ease while striking a sensual pose.

How to Prepare Yourself for a Glamour Shoot

You may have high self-esteem but it may waver in front of the lens while doing a sexy pose and being surrounded by people you do not know. Having sexy photos does not mean that you just have to say “cheese” or pout in the front of the camera. Look for boudoir photography poses in the internet and magazines. Try practicing them in front of the mirror. And most of all, trust yourself and your photographer.