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The Best HP Laptops You Better Have

HP (Hewlet Packard) has been recognized as one of the most leading laptop specials in the technology industry in the recent time. It will always provide you with the latest sophisticated features that can make your works so much simpler to do. One of its products that will blow your mind is the fabulous HP laptop which can give you the awesome conveniences to excite you so well. So then, it is actually no wonder if HP laptop can be the perfect option for you who really want to have a splendid supporting device while doing your jobs. Furthermore, HP has released some astonishing new laptops that can suit your requirements and expectations in the best way. So, let’s read below to figure them out.

HP Envy x360 13

HP Envy x360 13, which its dimension is 12.1×7.7×0.7 inches and also 2.9 kg of weight, must be something that you need especially when you are looking for the best laptop from HP. This specific laptop can offer you the awesome performance as it has been complemented with the Herculian AMD Ryzen processor. It means that this device will always be able to execute every single of your instruction while running the program with no problem at all. So, do not ever be surprised that you can do your various tasks in the easier way using this equipment. Not only that, it also has the 1080p and AMD Radeon Graphic to support its 13.3 inch display optimally. In the other words, the fabulous combination of both of those things will make the laptop show you the clear and bright interface that can please your eyes nicely. Then, the 256 GB memory and 8 GB gram will provide you the ample storage where you can save all of your various files which can be ranging from documents to movies. In addition to this, you can actually get this laptop from the reliable store or website at the reasonable price you can afford effortlessly, which ranges from $800 to over $1,000.

HP Spectre x360 2020

Next, you cannot miss HP Spectre x360 2020 when speaking about the best HP laptops you better have. This outstanding laptop, which has been significantly upgraded in 2020, is featured with the 8th generation of Intel Core i7 in order to support its performance marvelously. So then, it will always be able to fit your needs every time you do your works using this stuff. Aside of that, its 15.6 inch display will show you the clean and vivid graphic because it has 3840×2160 pixels resolution and also Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050Ti that is paired with Max-Q Design. So, it is clear that this device will never tire your eyes terribly. Even better, the storage of the laptop is something that you cannot ignore as it can offer you up to 512 GB to 2TB SSD and 8 GB to 16 GB RAM as well. Additionally, you do not need to break your bank account because you just need to pay about $1,199.99 to bring it home.

Some Recommendations of Laptop in 2020

Laptop has become main option when people looking for personal computer. Desktop computer is no longer priority since it is better choice. Nowadays, it can be said that basic performance of desktop computers can be compared to the laptops. The device is not only great choice since this offer portability. Now, it is easy to find laptops with great performance, and even it can surpass the performance of desktop printer, even it comes in competitive price. Then, laptop is portable to use, and even it has battery in which it does not depend on the socket to plug the power. These are surely reasons that make people think that laptop is excellent choice and more popular to choose lately.

Moreover, there are more products. Many brands offer different kinds of laptops. Each brand releases different segment, starting from the low-cost device, high-performance device, and even the specially-dedicated gaming laptops. These give specific options for people. Furthermore, it is easier to upgrade the performance of laptop, especially in term of its storage and memory. In this case, if you need more references of devices, there are actually some good choices to take. These are great recommendations if you want to get suitable device for working and other purposes.

Firstly, there is Dell XPS 13. In 2020, it can be considered as one of the best laptop in many aspects. If you look for sturdy devices, this is the choice since it has great quality of built-material and construction. Then, in term of performance, it is equipped with the latest generation of 10th generation of Intel processor. For its screen, it already utilizes the bezel-free screen with ratio of 16:10. These are the basic summary to show that this device is awesome.

For its screen, the screen-to-body ratio shows something great. At least, the ratio reaches 91.5%. This means that almost space is covered by its screen, and it only provides very thin frame. Of course, this does not mean that the frame is fragile. This is still sturdy due to the material used by the device. Then, it brings screen with resolution up to 1920 x 1200 pixels. In other words, this screen provides 4K resolution. This will be able to show great image in seeing pictures and watching movies. Even, it can work under the bright light. Operating the laptop under the sunlight will not be big problem since it can handle up to 500 nits.

Then, for the performance, you can get what you need. The base model currently offers the Core i5-1035G1. From this code, it confirms that this already uses the 10th generation, and this is the latest release from the Intel. The processor is also not the one used for low performance, so there is nothing to worry in case you are going to use the device for editing and rendering. Then, it offers 8GB RAM. To support the processing, this brings 256GB and it uses SSD. This is something interesting since SSD will bring faster booting performance. Of course, you are still able to find other devices with higher capacity of memory and storage, but it is only for the base model of XPS 15, and it is still upgradeable. These become the reasons why you should consider the device. If you are interested to get more info and even get the devices, you can click here.

Next, you can have ASUS ROG Zephyrus G14. From the name or label of this device, this is in the classification of gaming laptop. ROG or Republic of Gamers becomes the segment of laptop from ASUS dedicated for gamers who demand high performance and other supporting features to help them in obtaining the best gaming experience. This may be a great gaming laptop, but you should know that this is actually segment of low-price gaming device. This is surely something interesting to find out. Of course, as a gaming device, this must have great performance, and this is determined by its processor. In this case, the devices use the combination of AMD processor and Nvidia GPU. This devices use new Ryzen 9 4900HS. This is new version of AMD processor, and it is the one with code 9, so it is the highest level of this processor. This is surely enough to be compared to the performance of Intel processor, and Ryzen is known for its lower price. That is why it is offered and installed on this Zephyrus G14. In term of its GPU, it uses Nvidia RTX 2060 Max-Q. This combination is more than enough to boost the performance, and it is able to run in 120Hz. This is more than enough to run the game demanding high specification.

This specification is awesome. You will not need to worry about the issues of performance. Even if you are not a gaming addict, you still can utilize the device conveniently. You will not have any issue of multitasking in opening or running many apps at the same time. Its processor provides you enough performance for it. Then, its GPU will make sure that you can edit and render videos and images conveniently with its Nvidia RTX version. In case you want to use this device for working in office, you will not need to worry about the keyboard noises. Sometimes, gaming device will have noisy keyboard. This is different since it is comfortable to type fast and there will be no noises in working. You will not disturb your friends. These are some reasons that make this gaming laptop good choice. In term of price, you will not need to worry about the costs, since it is considered more affordable with its high performance. Furthermore, it does not require you to use it for gaming, since you can work conveniently with this device. When you want to get the device, you can check this website.

These two are great laptops with different segments. The first one can be considered as the device for those who want to get overall performance. The XPS 13 will not disappoint you in running all apps in your laptop. Then, there is Zephyrus G14 with its affordable gaming features. You will not need to worry in playing high-end games with its combination of processor and GPU. If these are not enough and you need another option, you can consider HP Envy X360. This is nice ultrabook with high quality. Envy X360 is known for its sleek and compact design. Then, it provides great performance due to the equipped AMD Ryzen 5-4500U. This can handle multitasking conveniently. With its touchscreen display, you are able to work well. In term of GPU and display, you get integrated Radeon on its processor, and it is good graphic even if it is not separated GPU. If you want to taste the experience in using this convertible device, you can check and visit this website.      

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