Project management is the discipline and art of preparing and planning and managing resources towards the achievement of certain targets and objectives mutually agreed upon by project sponsors and project users, represented by the team or the personal agency of the project manager. As on a PRINCE2 course qualification London.

Often the project definition may be as simple as a way to make a cake but in reality the cake is a very big project. Projects as a discipline have their own tools and techniques, best practices, theory and philosophy that guide the process. Some tools and techniques like standard work, project management office applications, an effective reporting structure and methodologies are now approved as common practice by many companies.

There are a few tips that every project manager should consider during planning and lead:-

Identify the key people, put together a team and organize them properly.

Make sure the people involved have been allocated for task phases

Communicate the objectives, scope, critical path, milestones and it the right people

Implement proper quality control, reporting, and measurements

Ensure it is clear how you want things to go

Prevent any potential delays

Thanks belong to the team

Meet at the beginning to go over the business case

The planning stage gives the project team and the resources necessary to achieve their goals and objectives. A good project plan needs to be worked out well in advance of the start of the project.   The planning stage for most projects is one to two months in advance depending upon the complexity and quantity of tasks and deliverables.  The people assigned to the planning process will be well versed in the various business and other work related information necessary for the process. The project team should also be covered by a manager to act as a liaison contact, and be available to provide assistance if need be.

Work to the plan as it changes

There is a process called “change control” which allows for minor project changes to be captured before it impacts the rest of the plan. This is very important since changing resources or changing stages will impact other resources. The planning process is an idea to take advantage of change control and the possibility it creates to change the plan. Change control is one of the first steps and is clearly a key part of the process.

Using the Prince 2 method is the typical method of planning and controlling which is a very common way of doing things. In this method, the team will put together cost feasibility and scheduling for the complete project.  The team will then create a work breakdown structure and perform task and cost estimates in this structure. It is advisable to have one sicklam and one burnout analysis prepared in the free download. The sooner the down-time and burnout is determined the sooner the team can focus on finding solutions for the problem. This plan will be used throughout the project to keep the team focused and moving forward.

The work breakdown structure should list all the tasks up front, who is doing what and when. It will also be helpful to continue to add to the breakdown as the project progresses and more work is added to the project. The time management plan should also be used to block out the work breakdown structure by critical path, hierarchy, project outline, and cutting short the project to the final arrives the close phase.

Management of a project can be really stressful. Having a plan is the first step towards a successful product. If you are someone who is going to be managing a project for the first time then you may want to consider a work-based life style. this life style will help you develop the discipline that a work-based life style will provide you with the tools to be successful.