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Worthy lessons we can learn from popular German photographers

A picture they say, speaks a thousand words, it is the art of creating durable images while considering balance, rhythm, pattern, emphasis, contrast, unity and movement. A picture gives us something to hold on to, it brings back memories that would have been forgotten if not with the help of a picture. The quality of a picture determines how drawn one is to it. The quality of a picture is defined by the device used, the background and the photographer, all these factors determine how captivating a picture would turn out to be.

If you are visiting Germany and you need the services of a photographer, then you should read about Printerpix and other photography studios in Germany on You will get to know about the reputation of the companies from the experiences of German locals that have patronized the company. While the top photographers on this list might be way beyond your budget, you will be able to find a company that would provide you with great quality printing at affordable prices if you read reviews first. There are different types of photography, these are:

  • Portrait photography
  • Still Life photography
  • Architectural Photography
  • Sports photography
  • Fashion photography
  • Editorial photography
  • Wildlife Photography

There are different known photographers in Germany with outstanding pictures. We are going to look at a few of them and a thing or two that we can learn from them.

1.  Bernd and Hilla Becher

Hilla Bercher was one half of a photography duo with her husband Bernd Becher, they won the Erasmus prize in 2002. This couple portrayed their messages through photography. Through photography, they were able to show the world the effect of industrialization and how it has led to a disappearing world.

2.  Andreas Gursky

Andreas Gursky a German photographer from Lipzig, Germany. In 2011, he sold a piece of his photography for 4.3million dollars, making him the highest-paid photographer. He is known for creating a new standard in contemporary photography, he created digitally manipulated monumental photographs to examine consumer culture and the busyness of contemporary life.

3.  Thomas Struth

A German photographer that was born in Geldern in 1954. He is known for Museum photography. His photographic works also include the Hawaiian rainforest, intimate portraits, urban scenes. His first sets of photographs were predominantly of empty cityscapes in Düsseldorf with an attempt to document the post-war urban structures in Germany, he went on to portray the effect of war on these cities.

4.  Candida Höfer

This German photographer was born on February 4, 1994. A former student of Bernd and Hilla Becher. Candida Höfer won the 2018 Outstanding Contribution to Photography award. Her photography is more of exploring spaces, objects and interior grandeur. She sees photography as an artistic tool, a canvas, paint, and brushes. She encourages photographers to be patient and have perseverance.

5.  Axel Hütte

Axel Hütte is a German artist that bases his photography on nature. His photography was more of the natural surroundings hence he travelled a lot just to get those perfect natural shots of landscapes and cities. He photographed glaciers, ponds, fog-shrouded mountains, caves. His aim is to invite viewers to reflect on the overwhelming mystery of nature.

6.  Barbara Probst

This contemporary artist was born in the year 1964. Her photographic work consists of several images of a single scene shot at the same time with multiple cameras from a different direction. Her photography gives you a different perspective to a particular photo, it gives you that feeling of being at more than one place at the same time.

Scenic tourist attractions in Germany

Situated in Europe’s heart, Germany is the strongest economy on the continent. While it is well known for its history in the second world war and even more recently for its split of the West and East Germany and the Berlin wall during the cold war. Germany has lots of natural beauty, deep culture and an old history. A visit to Germany will see you witness this, for example, in southern Germany’s Bavaria, where you’ll have the opportunity of exploring some medieval towns in the region, soak up some Bavarian Alps and take part in the infamous Oktoberfest. In the country’s Northen part, you can have to explore old port towns and beaches. In Berlin, a tourist will be wowed by the city’s big museums, famous clubs. Frankfurt, on the other hand, will offer a cityscape that is skyscraper-laden. A photography enthusiast will not lack some scenic scenes to capture on their visit to Germany. If you haven’t carried your Camera with you, you need to worry. There are lots of German electronic companies that you can buy one from. You just need to visit review sites such as to identify reputable shops. Below are some of the scenic tourist attraction sites in Germany.


This city in Europe has had enormous drastic changes in the past two decades. The city was once known as a cold war symbol but has since then evolved to become one of Europe’s coolest city having an exciting mix of design, fashion and music. It is also a cultural city that will suit everyone, including budget travellers, thanks to its close to 200 world-class museums, pulsating nightlife, philharmonics, galaxies and many others. You can enrich your berlins experience by visiting the Spree Rivers Museum Island and having a stop-off at the wonderful East gallery where you’ll have a view of paintings from artist globally presented on the Berlin wall. In addition, shopping lovers can visit the most famous avenue in the city, Kurfürstendamm and experience the cities coffee culture in the Berlins historical centre, Mitte. Pay a visit to the fashionable Friedrichshain area and experience Berlins true tremendous nightlife’s taste. If you are planning to visit Berlin in winter, then you’ll get treated by some of the biggest and best Christmas markets in the country. You’ll get to choose from a variety of high-quality products. The choice will be great, from alternative and traditional Scandinavian-themed items to British-inspired, designer-oriented & eco-friendly items.

Lake Constance

Lake Constance is the third biggest lake in Central Europe, lying in the Alps foothills and straddling the Austrian, Swiss and German border. The lake has three major parts: the Rhine River’s small section referred to as the Seerhein joining, Untersee; the Lower Lake to Obersee; the Upper Lake. The lake is known for offering a gorgeous scenery, crystal-clear waters and the sunny and mild climate that the place enjoys. All these characteristics make the lake a perfect place for sailing, sunbathing and swimming. Some popular activities around this lake include hiking in the surrounding orchards and vineyard and cycling along the lake’s serene shores. Over and above the plenty of recreational activities that can be carried out around the lake, the lake is also famous for villages surrounding it and having picturesque towns.

The Cologne Cathedral

The Immense Cologne cathedral, the cathedral of St Mary and St Peter, is situated in River Rhine’s banks and is the most impressive landmark of the area. The Cologne Cathedral was started in 1248 and today is one of Europe’s biggest cathedrals and a High Gothic architecture masterpiece. It is also one of the middle ages most ambitious project. It has a splendid interior that gives through 6,166 square metres and has 56 big pillars. Above its high altar is an artwork of the 12th century in gold done by Nicholas of Verdun. Other aspects worth highlighting in the Cologne Cathedral are its scenic view from the South Tower and the stained glass of the 12th and 13th century inside the Three Kings chapel and the treasury having multiple precious objects which despite the second world war, all survived intact.


Prior to the second world war bombings that damaged Dresden severely, it was identified as a Jewel mix as it had a lavish collection of stunning architecture and art. A visit to Dresden will give you a chance to witness various interesting landmarks as the Zwinger and magnificent place complete and the beautiful plaza of Bruehl’s terrace. Dresden is also known for its vibrant culture and host various annual events, including the Dixieland Festival and the largest Jazz festival in Europe.

In conclusion, anyone willing to visit German has the various places worth paying a visit with this article. Photographers will most importantly find these places interesting.

10 Best Natural Places In Germany For Photographers

One thing about Germany is that they have the most photogenic sceneries on the European continent. So, it is safe to say Germany and nature are like 5&6! Do you wish to go into the photograph business? And you have been thinking of the country to travel to? Do not bother anymore. Germany is the right place for you. All you need is your My Notebook to keep memories! Also, as a tourist, you need to visit all the locations listed below to have a good memory of the time you will love to spend in Germany.

If you think about Germany, you may think about Berlin and historic destinations. Still, the reality is that the country also boasts countless natural attractions – from stunning deep blue lakes to snow-kissed mountains to some of Europe’s best walking trails.

Below are placed good for photography in Germany.

1.The Black Forest

Indeed, the Black Forest is an extensive wooded mountain range opposite the Rhine Valley. Also popular with walkers throughout the year, this area contains many historic towns – including the small town of Hermann Hesse – and open-air museums and nature reserves.

Renowned worldwide, the Black Forest is the perfect place to experience and picture the best of traditional Germany, where Brothers Grimm put many of their stories.

2.Castle, Bavaria, Neuschwanstein

Germany does not have an end to photographing romantic castles; Neuschwanstein Castle may be the most attractive. You can visit to read more about this castle. This romantic building looks like something straight outside a fairy tale; it is best pictured in the snowcapped mountains surrounding it.

The Romanesque Revival Palace was built in the 19th century to be created for Bavarian Ludwig II and inspired the sleeping beauty chateau in Disneyland. Neuschwanstein Castle is situated in the heart of the Bavarian forest.

3.Miltenberg, Bavaria

The picturesque old town of Miltenberg in Bavaria is characteristic of the numerous medieval cities in Germany. Along with its well-preserved ancient architecture, its flatbed on the Main makes photographs extremely pleasant.

4.Porta Nigra

Germany’s oldest town is Porta Nigra (Black Gate). For centuries, it was once one of the four entrances to the city as a Roman city gate. The gate was partially damaged during the Middle Ages when you removed stones and parts of iron for building other buildings – the damage becomes apparent as you approach Porta Nigra.

5.The Gorge of Wambach Glut

The heart of the Wambach valley is the thundersome cascades, fast ravines, and picturesque cliffs. It’s fascinating to walk on the wood path along the running water that digs deep into the rocks. The views over the flowering valleys and mountain of Watzmann overlook the gorge.

6.Rhineland, Bacharach

When you travel to Germany, either for schooling, work, or tourism, the amazing Rhine Valley is a must-see. Here, the Bacharach medieval city makes the perfect setting for a fantastic picture. For more photographs, you should also book a river tour of the Rhine River.

7.Hamburg, Speicherstadt

In Hamburg, the northernmost city of Germany, you can take memorable photographs there. When you take a picture of the history during nightfall, this picture shows the city’s rich maritime history.

8.Iceland Museum, Berlin

The Museum Island offers the most pictorial scenes, among all the many attractions in Berlin. The cathedral of Berlin is here next to the Spree River (another great way to take photos of the city).

9.Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Zugspitze

The 2962-meter-high Zugspitze, located in the German section of the Alps, is the highest mountain peak in Germany. The Bayerischen Zugspitzbahn train can take you to the top to get stunning views while you take memorable pictures.

10.German Corner, Koblenz, Germany

You will love the German Eck in Koblenz if you take drone photography. The Rhine rivers and the Mosel meet here, known in English as the “German Corner.” Add the massive statue of Emperor William I to this, and you have a picture of which you are proud.

Mobile apps for art lovers

Due to the availability of the internet on mobile phones, art has become more inclusive. Everyone is exposed to art apps and this has increased art’s accessibility. Either you want a masterpiece, some art collections or you are just looking to have fun, there are art apps available.

If you want to buy a phone on which you can install mobile apps an art lover, then you can buy from Mytrendyphone. But first, you should see what other Norwegians that have bought a phone from them are saying about them on NorskeAnmeldelser. After buying the phone, some of the mobile apps that you can install as an art lover are discussed subsequently.

Google arts & culture

This app explores cultural institutions from all over the world. You can inspect masterpieces like Van Gogh’s works to learning more about inspirational figures and image archives with this app. It opens you up to new knowledge about global art, history, and people. With it, you can also change your photos into classic artworks, find portraits and artworks that look like you, explore immersive virtual reality tours, etc.

art collections

Sotheby’s app

If you are passionate about art collection, this is for you. the app grants you access to global artworks and articles. You will always find something that interests you, from photography to contemporary art to fine wine and jewelry, etc. You can also use it to know the latest about upcoming auctions., live stream these auctions, zoom in on artworks for closer inspection, have access to their video library, etc.


This is a user-friendly app that offers daily art inspiration. It is created for artists by artists. You will find interesting facts, stories, biographies, etc. You will also uncover your inner artist by absorbing the beauty of the app. It has over 40 000 artworks and 150 art movements, the feed is personalized according to your interests, you get inspired daily and you can download quality wallpapers.

Architectural digest

This app celebrates architecture and interior designs. With it, you will know more about innovative homes, décor ideas, travel, and culture. It is popular in the design world and is associated with luxury living. It provides you exclusive access to current trends and guides you on how to best decorate your home. You can also find travel destinations with it.


This app believes there are three steps to mastering art; observing, recognizing, and reflecting. This app provides the top masterpieces in full HD. It also helps you curate your favorite works. M0ore works are continuously added over time. if you are looking for high-quality visuals, exhibitions, fun filters, and downloading artworks, etc, Artlist is for you.

Daily art

Daily art not only helps you recognize famous artworks but also understand their context. You will be able to learn interesting facts about the masterpieces you adore. There is also a community of over 1,000, million art lovers that you can be a part of and enjoy art with. With a collection of over 2500 masterpieces, 700 artist biographies, and 500 museum collections, Daily Art helps to awaken your inner artist.

Paris Invaders Map

This app has over 1,000 space invaders and encourages active cultural exploration. It is present in most cities across the globe. It has a geolocation feature that you can use to easily search for any city in the world.

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