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6 Reasons why France Will Inspire You

The remarkable standards of living in France will make you want to come back for more.

It is a country known for having a world-class healthcare system and the quality and stability of life in France has attracted a lot of foreigners.

Whether you’re planning to visit France for vacation or relocate to France permanently, in this article I shall give you all the reasons why France is an excellent country to get inspired.

1. Remarkable quality of life

I presume that it is everybody’s goal in life to settle down in a country with a good quality of life.

The way we choose to understand quality of life is subjective. In whatever way you choose to interpret it, I believe that it at least relates to stability in the economy, good standards of health, and social belonging. France offers just that

The e-commerce market is also booming. There are so many online stores that operate within France and outside the country.

There are some websites like Amon Avis that offer independent reviews of services from French companies from their citizens. Which is amazing because now you don’t have to struggle deciding on what store to buy from.

For instance, you made reviews about an online store like Costway to see whether their services and products are worth their pricing.

Creating engagement between brands and their customers helps build credibility and trustworthiness which is much needed.

You can see this from the success French brands had in international markets. Both the public and the private sectors in France are performing very well. Privately-owned companies are performing well in the regional and international market.

The quality of life offered in France inspires investors and settlers to move into the country because of such stability.

Of course, it is not without its own flaws but compared to many countries in the world France is among the best countries to settle in.

2. The country of love

You have probably heard this so many times that Paris is the city of love, France is the country of love, and French is the language of love.

The reason behind this is that France is very appreciative of all forms of expression of love.

Pathways, parks, cafes, restaurants, bars and pubs, have been beautifully designed with aesthetically pleasing craftsmanship that anyone will fall in love with.

Almost everywhere you go you will be received with so much joy and appreciation from the French people.

This will unquestionably make you feel inspired to show appreciation of beauty and Love.

3. Tons of investment opportunities

If you want your business up and running in a different country France is the right country to find all the inspiration.

A lot of foreign investors move to France because of their well-developed economy that can support a stable investment plan.

Some of the biggest French companies are listed and open for foreign investors.

The French government has also made it safer and easier for people to set up their startups.

4. It is the country of beauty and glamour

I shall run out of words to describe the beauty and glamour represented in France.

If you’re a person looking for transformation or some sort of glow-up France has everything you need.

Fashion, accessories, cosmetics and skincare companies are scattered across the country.

Throughout the year many fashion events may inspire you to get into the fashion industry or to enjoy expressions of beauty and glamour.

5. Amazing French cuisine

Many of you, like me, don’t get to travel unless there’s something good on the menu.

Cassoulet, potatoes dauphinoise, chicken Basquais, moules marinières, among other delicious traditional French cuisines.

And yes, I’ve not forgotten croissants. These and so many dishes and pastries will inspire you to explore more of what the country has to offer.

6. Home to amazing pieces of art

I would run out of space trying to name all the amazing pieces of art that are found in France. So, I will just name a few.

The Louvre museum in Paris which is the largest art museum in the world holds some of the world’s famous and iconic pieces of art, including Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa.

The Versailles Museum, the Centre Pompidou, Musée du Quai Branly, Grande Galerie de l’Évolution, among many others are some of France best museums.

Getting a tour into some of these museums will most certainly inspire you to embrace art and its beauty.

Scenic tourist attractions in Germany

Situated in Europe’s heart, Germany is the strongest economy on the continent. While it is well known for its history in the second world war and even more recently for its split of the West and East Germany and the Berlin wall during the cold war. Germany has lots of natural beauty, deep culture and an old history. A visit to Germany will see you witness this, for example, in southern Germany’s Bavaria, where you’ll have the opportunity of exploring some medieval towns in the region, soak up some Bavarian Alps and take part in the infamous Oktoberfest. In the country’s Northen part, you can have to explore old port towns and beaches. In Berlin, a tourist will be wowed by the city’s big museums, famous clubs. Frankfurt, on the other hand, will offer a cityscape that is skyscraper-laden. A photography enthusiast will not lack some scenic scenes to capture on their visit to Germany. If you haven’t carried your Camera with you, you need to worry. There are lots of German electronic companies that you can buy one from. You just need to visit review sites such as to identify reputable shops. Below are some of the scenic tourist attraction sites in Germany.


This city in Europe has had enormous drastic changes in the past two decades. The city was once known as a cold war symbol but has since then evolved to become one of Europe’s coolest city having an exciting mix of design, fashion and music. It is also a cultural city that will suit everyone, including budget travellers, thanks to its close to 200 world-class museums, pulsating nightlife, philharmonics, galaxies and many others. You can enrich your berlins experience by visiting the Spree Rivers Museum Island and having a stop-off at the wonderful East gallery where you’ll have a view of paintings from artist globally presented on the Berlin wall. In addition, shopping lovers can visit the most famous avenue in the city, Kurfürstendamm and experience the cities coffee culture in the Berlins historical centre, Mitte. Pay a visit to the fashionable Friedrichshain area and experience Berlins true tremendous nightlife’s taste. If you are planning to visit Berlin in winter, then you’ll get treated by some of the biggest and best Christmas markets in the country. You’ll get to choose from a variety of high-quality products. The choice will be great, from alternative and traditional Scandinavian-themed items to British-inspired, designer-oriented & eco-friendly items.

Lake Constance

Lake Constance is the third biggest lake in Central Europe, lying in the Alps foothills and straddling the Austrian, Swiss and German border. The lake has three major parts: the Rhine River’s small section referred to as the Seerhein joining, Untersee; the Lower Lake to Obersee; the Upper Lake. The lake is known for offering a gorgeous scenery, crystal-clear waters and the sunny and mild climate that the place enjoys. All these characteristics make the lake a perfect place for sailing, sunbathing and swimming. Some popular activities around this lake include hiking in the surrounding orchards and vineyard and cycling along the lake’s serene shores. Over and above the plenty of recreational activities that can be carried out around the lake, the lake is also famous for villages surrounding it and having picturesque towns.

The Cologne Cathedral

The Immense Cologne cathedral, the cathedral of St Mary and St Peter, is situated in River Rhine’s banks and is the most impressive landmark of the area. The Cologne Cathedral was started in 1248 and today is one of Europe’s biggest cathedrals and a High Gothic architecture masterpiece. It is also one of the middle ages most ambitious project. It has a splendid interior that gives through 6,166 square metres and has 56 big pillars. Above its high altar is an artwork of the 12th century in gold done by Nicholas of Verdun. Other aspects worth highlighting in the Cologne Cathedral are its scenic view from the South Tower and the stained glass of the 12th and 13th century inside the Three Kings chapel and the treasury having multiple precious objects which despite the second world war, all survived intact.


Prior to the second world war bombings that damaged Dresden severely, it was identified as a Jewel mix as it had a lavish collection of stunning architecture and art. A visit to Dresden will give you a chance to witness various interesting landmarks as the Zwinger and magnificent place complete and the beautiful plaza of Bruehl’s terrace. Dresden is also known for its vibrant culture and host various annual events, including the Dixieland Festival and the largest Jazz festival in Europe.

In conclusion, anyone willing to visit German has the various places worth paying a visit with this article. Photographers will most importantly find these places interesting.

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