Child Custody is an important matter when parents are getting a divorce. This term will determine the right of the parents to live and take care of their children. Since this matter is important and sometimes can be a complicated matter, it’s better for parents to get the help of Muskogee Oklahoma attorneys at law. Actually, every parent has their own rights for their child custody. But, in the case of getting divorced, the parents can offer the “petition” which means that they ask the court to decide and determine their child custody.

Type of child custody

In the term of child custody, there are two main types of custody which are legal and physical custody. The legal custody can be divided into two types including sole legal custody and joint legal custody. The sole legal custody means that there is only one parent that can decide about their child’s education, living place, religion, and other things. But, joint legal custody means that both parents can take care of their children regarding their religion, education, and others. It means that the parents need to discuss together for choosing their children’s education, health care,  others. Meanwhile, physical custody can be divided into two types which are sole physical custody and joint physical custody. The sole physical custody means that only one parent has the right to live with children. The other parent can make a visitation for their children. On the other hand, joint physical custody allows both parents to live with their children at a specific amount of time. It means that the children can move from one parent to another parent. To decide child custody, the court has some consideration regarding the relationship between parents and children. The considerations are including the strength of relationship between parents and children, the relationship between their family, the mentally and physical health of children, the parents record such as children abuse and others, whether the children have the record as the drunkard or drug addicts, the ability of parents for providing the financial and parenting support, the ability for spending the time with children, and others. Regarding these considerations, the court will make the decision that can make children feel safe, happy, full financial support, and healthy.

The rights of choosing parents of the children

Even though the court has some consideration for giving the rights of child custody, the children can show their interest and choose which parent that they want to live with. It means that the court will consider the child’s wish to live with their parents.

The kind of visitation For the parent that doesn’t get the right for sole legal custody and sole physical custody, they can make some visitation to their children. The court will order the type of visitation that they can do. There are several types of visitation such as weekend visitation, holiday visitation, and summer visitation. Well, child custody is not a simple matter for both parents and children, Therefore, this matter should be fully attended by the law attorney.