The artist has always strived to push and expand the boundaries of expression, and in doing so has often made use of current advances in techniques or technology. All types of art are included such as modern art, abstract art and canvas art.

It is nothing new. Commercialism maybe somewhat more aggressive now than in Rembrandts day, but the studios of his era were just as equally skilled at producing the same painting many times over, than a digitally enhanced limited edition of todays genre.

The question it raises is that as technology moves apace where is the line drawn between what could be described as an artists preparation and that which is computer generated origination? More specifically does it matter?

One could argue that artists have always sought to enhance their work and utilizing todays technology is no different to the past. The fact is that what can be achieved today is far greater than anyone could have possibly imagined even 20 years ago.

It really all comes down to how you define what is art and what constitutes an artists preparation.

Projection and scaling tripods through to Obscura cameras were commonly used in the works of many of the masters, so why should using photoshop be viewed any differently.

Photography and art are like two cousins, related disciplines. But that ignores the fact that painting was the photography of its day. Royal courts would send ambassadors with realistic miniature portraits for prospective suitors, in much the same way as a photographic portfolio captures the lines and cheekbones for a model agency.

People often forget where they have come from and this is also true of all types of art including abstract art and contemporary art. It was as much about advertising, marketing and politics as the beauty or skill of its creator.

To me the use of any technique or process by the artist must be seen as part of the work and methodology. Surely the point is this. It is not the technique or process that is important, it is how you use them. Indeed there is a whole separate area of creativity here.