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Top 5 Different Types Of Wedding Photography

When you begin your search for a wedding photographer, youre going to run into a lot of terminology discussing styles that you may not have heard before. Many people make the mistake of thinking that they simply hire a photographer and thats the end of it. Unfortunately, if you dont know what type / style of photographer youre hiring, you may not get the look in your wedding photos that you had been hoping for. By doing just a small amount of research youll be able to hire the photographer that shares your vision of the perfect wedding album. Here are the different types of wedding photography that will be available to you.


This type of photography can be given to interpretation. Photographs may be saturated with color, given special effects or may even be hard to decipher as wedding photographs. You may want to find a photographer that utilises this style if you plan on hanging one or several of your wedding photos on the wall.


While professional photographers do utilise candid photography, its most often the type of picture-taking that you see from amateurs (unless the photographer has bought along a ‘second’ to take care of these particular shots). A bit of a point and shoot approach that doesnt have subjects primping and posing. This type of photography is most often used for more casual weddings.


This type of photography may be a combination of all the other types or a type that utilizes whatever style of photography is currently in vogue. Look through some popular photography magazines or even bridal magazines to see what’s popular.


Photographers using this style attempt to convey a true feeling of the wedding and reception through their photographs. Looking through the wedding album will allow you to relive the day as it happened without the use of words or captions. This type of photography is also called photojournalism.


Sometimes called traditional, these are posed shots where everyone is looking at the camera. Group shots of the wedding party, the couple with their families and the couple on their own are popular.

Its very important that you convey your wishes to any photographer that you are planning on hiring prior to your wedding day. You aren’t gong to get a chance to have them retaken another day (hopefully!). Ask your potential photographer for references and look at their sample albums – many have galleries online to peruse. If they don’t seem to be understanding exactly what you want, move on to the next. Many professionals have a range of styles in their arsenal and should be able to give you several different types of photographs in one album. If the person you are interviewing can’t give you the look that you desire, chances are the next can. Get the right wedding photography for your wedding and you will have photos to cherish forever

Different Styles of Sydney Wedding Photography

Your wedding day is one of the milestones in your life. You spend a lot of time and money to create a magical day and you certainly want everything to be skillfully recorded for posterity. However, you need to realize that there are different styles of Sydney wedding photography as photographers have their personal style of taking photos. As such, you need to ensure that your wedding photographer is adept at shooting each one.

Traditional wedding photography, also known as classical wedding photography, has much participation from the photographer. Most of the portraits and precious moments such as the walk down the aisle, exchange of rings, signing of the marriage register, etc. are set up and posed for a more traditional approach to wedding photos. The wedding photographer directs and guides everyone into contrived poses for group and individual formal photos. With appropriate background, lighting and creative poses, this type of Sydney wedding photography can deliver an excellent record of your special day.

Photo journalistic or reportage wedding photography has become a popular style as it allows the photographer to capture images in an unobtrusive manner as he shoots from the sidelines or from the background. A series of photographs is taken to narrate the wedding day. The wedding photographer captures moments as they unfold naturally and they dont create poses or events. This style of Sydney wedding photography is considered as the most difficult to master, but once executed well, the result is spectacular to say the least.

Contemporary or Avant Garde wedding photography is somewhat eclectic and the style is always changing. The photographer makes use of unique concepts and employs various camera angles. This style highlights the artistic side of the photographer thats why it is the one that is frequently featured on most wedding magazines. This particular style of Sydney wedding photography is less popular but once undertaken by an expert photographer, the results can be awesome and you can bet that your wedding album will be one-of-a-kind.

Illustrative wedding photography is done by positioning the wedding party and guests in settings of unique and interesting backgrounds. This style of photography is typically performed by a professional who has a passion for different elements of colour and texture. Just like the traditional style, the wedding photographer directs everyone while encouraging them to interact. The outcome is a series of photographs with a more spontaneous appeal. Illustrative wedding photography brings out the photographer’s creative skills instead of merely shooting a series of events. In addition, this style of Sydney wedding photography is the latest in the wedding scene, and photographers who wish to venture into this style must possess both artistic and technical skills.

There are a lot of wedding photographers in Sydney so you have to take extra time to visit the more notable ones and check out their completed wedding albums. This will give you an idea of their overall style which can help you decide whether it suits your requirements. It would be great if you can find a photographer who can seamlessly combine some of the elements from the various wedding photography styles.

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