A British sitcom becoming popular for a length of time is quite rare. Whilst we can never compete with the likes of Friends and Frasier in terms of longevity one that did get the long run was My Family. Set in the mold of Bless this House and 2.4 Children the show focused on two adults struggling to deal with their aging children and their eccentric ways whilst remaining relevant to them and pursuing their own goals and needs. With three children and a cousin for a lodger, they needed a big home, helped by Ben’s job as a dentist.  They would have needed to have kept an eye on Conveyancing news when they were looking to purchase it. A great resource for all things conveyancing is included in the link.

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Unlike previous shows where the Father is the figure of authority that the children sometimes listen to, Ben Harper has no influence and control of his children at all. His Wife Susan is able to keep them in line better but only to a point. Ben is too preoccupied with himself, Susan has her own agenda. The two seem content to let the children find their own way only stepping in when they are inconvenienced. It’s not too dissimilar to the character in Bless this House. My Family illustrates the changing generational values just as that show did. If anything it highlights that they are even more pronounced.

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Despite the fact that Nick (Kris Marshall) is a loon, Janey (Danielle Denby Ashe) is very very free with her affections and Mikey is a mixed up nerd who wants to come out they all proved themselves to be able to grow and mature. Ben and Susan stay exactly the same.