What is stock photography and how you can earn money from selling your photos on stock sites, but also what are the best stock photography sites?

Lately, I have met more and more photographers on Norske Anmeldelser who want to earn money from their passion for photography and want to try to sell images on stock sites. Stock sites are usually the easiest way for an amateur photographer to make money from the photos he takes.

What is stock photography?

When we talk about stock photography we have to consider several aspects, from the equipment used, the chosen themes, the commercial aspects related to posting photos, and to the artistic realization and posting of images on the best profile platforms.

Stock sites, for example, depositphotos, can be seen as a market for photos. Stock photography is a business and stock sites live off those who do not want to hire a photographer to provide them with images and prefer to buy them directly from the internet because the offer is much higher and the costs are much lower. . On stock sites, the price of a photo starts at $ 1 and can reach much higher amounts depending on its type, size and format or type of license.


Find out about stock photography platforms

Once you have an idea of ​​what the best platforms are, choose a few and think about where you would like to upload your photos. Some of the most used stock trading platforms are:

Shutterstock – one of the largest stock sites;

iStockPhoto – the first microstock agency;

Fotolia – a well-known stock photo agency acquired by Adobe;

GettyImages – you can buy photos under the Rights Managed license.

How do you make money selling photos?

In principle, all stock sites work as follows: for each image you have sold, a percentage (or a fixed amount) of its price goes to you, in the virtual account on the site. When a minimum amount (50, 75, 100 USD / EURO – depends on each stock site) is collected in your account (or you exceed!), The money is automatically transferred to your card, through Paypal, or by a check which you can pick up from any bank (for example through Western Union).

If you want to experiment until you get used to the field of stock, you can start with studio photos. Choose topics such as food, spices, fruits, household items, and others of this type, which you can easily make in a controlled space and environment. These will always be required for editorials, but you must be very careful about details, framing, and types of processing. The most important thing is the camera, which must be as efficient as possible, ie expensive. As for image quality, I believe in DSLRs, but in terms of portability, I believe in compact cameras, especially those produced by Sony and other famous brands.

And because we are talking about stock photography, a photo studio with continuous lights, photo tents, and other technical wonders are a must-have for a stock photography photographer.